Adami Tours & Tastings

Surrounded by the beauty of our family-owned winery, we are delighted to welcome guests to our tasting room, where you can taste and purchase all of the Adami wines. For those who would like to experience more, we offer the additional opportunity of personally “walking the vine-rows” of our history-rich Vigneto Giardino and of learning about how we make our wines. Our guided tours are available all year round.

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The Adami World

Let us personally show you all the steps we take in creating our Adami wines! We will stroll through the historic Vigneto Giardino, tour the winemaking cellar, and conclude with a guided tasting of 7 wines, paired with locally-produced cheeses.

Length: ca. 2 hours

Minimum 4 persons

25 € per person, by previous reservation only.

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Vineyard Venture

While strolling with us among the vines of the Vigneto Giardino, you will learn to appreciate the rich history of this storied vineyard, then conclude with a guided tasting of 4 wines, accompanied by locally-produced cheeses.

Length: ca. 1 hour

18€ per person, prior reservation appreciated.

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Discovering the Winecellar

We will follow, step by step, the entire winemaking and bottling process, concluding with a guided tasting of 4 wines, accompanied by 4 locally-produced cheeses.

Length: ca. 50 minutes.

15 € per person, prior reservation appreciated.

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The Essentials

Guided wine-tasting, introduction to the Adami growing area and to the history of the Adami winecellar.

Length: ca. 30-40 minutes.

Cost for 4 wines: €8 per person; cost for 7 wines: € 12 per person.

Free with purchase of 6 bottles per person or more

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For more information on our guided tours and tastings, or if you would like a custom-designed experience, write us at or call  +39 320 5638058, Giulia will be delighted to plan an experience perfectly suited to your tastes and desires!